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Gradiz Ltd also performes construction services. Either there is civil engineeiring construction or building construction of small, large, business, housing or other sites we are available to you. We possessour won equipment and expert porsonnel who have possibility to fullfil all your needs.
If you want adapt, equip, recountruct or to make new site you may approach to us by confidential and be sure that you chose the best.

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Gradiz Ltd. HQ Since founding, untill today by our own means nad equipment, company records permanent growth and high business results, which is visible from our references, number of employes and mechanization. By continious reaching qualities in our work, we deserved confidence from many respected companies. From above, it is easy to conclude that behind our customers there are strong and existing name and staff as well, and this is Gradiz Ltd. Sarajevo. If you have any need for construction works , contact us without doubt. We will send reference list upon request.
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